2018 Winter Olympic Games: The Power of Peace

Hello again, it’s me, Joseph, and I’m on the move.  Well, sort of.  I’m actually taking some time to really pause and soak in these Winter Olympic Games since I’m not actually in them this time around the block.  I know that some of you may have me pegged for a figure skater because of my keen sense of fashion (#yourenotwrong) but as many of you may recall, I have an inflatable swan named Grace, and so I was actually leaning more towards bobsledding with a few of my friends. (What do you think?)

The truth is that when you live authentically, there is no limit to what you can do and be when you follow your passion. (Full disclosure-bobsledding is not my passion but I truly admire all athletes for following theirs!)  Anything, and I mean, anything can happen when people are truth tellers and peace seekers.

Did you catch the opening ceremonies?  Did you see North Korea and South Korea walk in as a united front and literally carry the flag together?  Hallelujah, there may just be hope for us yet.  Yes, the world is full of wackadoodles, and one of them might be the leader of North Korea but you have to start somewhere.  In fact, South Korea is

actually picking up the bill for many of its neighbors to the north in hopes that peace may one day be possible in their region. #ThisisPeaceinAction

Those open ceremonies were just the beginning of the beginning.   There are so many more flags waving in these Olympics.  Don’t miss them! Let’s start with the LGBT Flag and the message it sends.

Don’t ask, don’t tell?  Sorry, the closet doors have flung wide open and the athletes are out, never to return.  #ThisisProgress  Adam and Gus are using their platform to let the world know that diversity involves more, demands more, than just having competitors from different countries.  For the record, Adam and Gus aren’t dating, they’re just friends united in the same cause and they’re not afraid to cause a little ruckus with a kiss! #ThisisAwesome

#MeToo movement flag?  Yes, it’s flying at the Olympics.  Several women athletes from the U.S. have said they are more than willing to wear black uniforms to stand in solidarity.   And for the first time ever, psychological counseling, medical care and, legal advice are available to all athletes at the games.   Unfortunately, there have also been some accusations and allegations against athletes at these games for their sexual misconduct. #ThisisNotAcceptable We are just beginning to shed some light on what has been kept in the dark and not discussed for far too long.

How about the Olympic Flag?  Despite the doping scandal, several Russian athletes petitioned the Olympic committee to be allowed to compete and were granted their wish after a clean drug test. #OAR #OlympicAthletesfromRussia  The message here:  Your country may have screwed you but we won’t, so go ahead and compete under the Olympic flag of peace.  #ThisisFair

Chances are that you or someone you really care about has experienced the very discrimination that many Olympic athletes are standing up against.  I can assure you that at MovingRochester.com your voice will be heard, no matter what flag you fly.  It would be our privilege to assist you in achieving whatever real estate goals you have. #ThisIsOurPassion.

Yes, these Olympics are about amazing athletes with limitless passion and pride for their sport and country, performing at a level most of us can’t even imagine.  These games are also equally about inspirational individuals who do more than try, they train, to be the best version of themselves.

The truth is, dear reader, that I probably won’t train to be a bobsledder.  I will, however,

train every day to be the best version of myself which includes:

  • showing kindness, even to the mean people

  • learning about cultures and perspectives that are different than my own

  • knowing when it’s time to listen and when it’s time to speak, even if it means screaming at the top of my lungs so voices can be heard.

You don’t have to be an athlete to participate in the Olympics, you just need to be a human who believes that peace is powerful and possible.

Enjoy the games and wave your flag with us!

Joseph, Joey and Victoria