A Different Special Holiday Season

Hello again, it's me Joseph, and I'm on the move making sure all is merry and brignt. In a world of all things Covid, it's easy to get your tinsel in a tangle. We're all ZOOMED out, we have pandemic fatigue, some of us are yellow at home, but orange at work and apparently California went purple which is beyond red. Who knew?

The truth is that you may not get to participate in the traditions you normally do: there is no live performance of the Christmas Carol or the Nutcracker Ballet; no Roc Holidays or Holiday Open House on Park Avenue. And so, the time has come to bring your own joy to the world. Please know that Covid, much like the Grinch, can not steal your Christmas or Hanukkah or anything else you celebrate. You get to choose.

Start a new tradition:

You have more time. Order take out to support a local business, grab your favorite adult beverage and Google or hit up a Pinterest board. There are so many ideas that are waiting to happen and many are Covid friendly: Chistmas Light Scavenger Hunts, winter bird feeders, snow angels, create your own cocktails and letters to Santa. Yes, write one, as an adult! #mygrownupChristmaslist #MichaelBuble Why not start a new tradition of giving the gift of a shared experience? Come have a holiday at one of our PineappleRoc Airbnb rentals.

Create a Playlist:

Some days will be more challenging than others so you'll need a go-to playlist of songs and movies to get your Fa La La back. Netflix, Disney, HBO and Hulu have a watch party feature with a group chat so you can actually watch a movie with friends and be in different places. #teleparty Dance parties to Christmas carols and Hanukkah songs are a proven way to relive stress. And heavens to Betsey,you must watch at least one Hallmark movie.


Make yourself stop long enough, (set an alarm on your phone if you have to), to breathe in the winter air, to watch the snow fall, to light a scented candle, to drink REAL hot chocolate, to grab a blanket and read a story of any kind by the fire. In a world that seems so busy and limited at the same time, it will be a gift that you give yourself.

Taking care of each other in ways we never have before, will make the holidays special. Let's keep each other safe and check on people to make sure they're okay. Let's be kind even if it takes extra time. Let's remember in this season of love and light, why we celebrate in the first place. We love and are loved and that's the greatest gift of all.