A Season of Hope

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Hello again, it’s me, Joseph and I’m on the move.  I’ve been out and about soaking up whatever sun there is.  Spring has sprung in my mind and on the calendar, I just need the weather to catch up.  As we see the first signs of the season, poking up through the soil, I’m beginning to believe that there may be hope for us yet.

This season actually started with an ending; the loss of our beloved Louise Slaughter.  What a shining example of a tireless champion who fought for everyone and I mean everyone, to be included.  A rabbi, a minister, a shaman, all speaking her praises at her celebration service. . . My girl Hilary in town, to pay tribute to her mentor and friend. . . (For the record, Hilary spoke the longest #ThisisMyPresident and told one of the best stories: “honey, I miss you like a front tooth”)  Now that Louise is gone and there’s still an impostor in the White House, I find myself wondering who will listen to the voice of the voiceless, who will pound on the door of Congress and demand to be heard, who will be the “grace and grit” we so desperately need?

Louise and Hilary (if she had more time this visit) would tell me not to panic and that I need to listen carefully so I hear and understand what my role is in helping move myself and the people around me forward.  #ThisisMyGarden, #BloomWhereYouArePlanted. They would say, “Joseph, paint your toenails, grab your swan and get marching even if you have to start your own parade.”

This weekend, hundreds of thousands of people participated in #MarchforOurLives in Washington and other cities across the US and around the world.  (Over 5000 in Rochester.) While their greatest goal is to put an end to gun violence, another equally urgent goal is to register people to vote.  One of the ways our voices can be heard is to get the right people elected.  Even Hilary isn’t giving up on that.

I hope today finds you in a place where you have hope, where you believe in possibilities.  At MovingRochester.com, we’re ready to listen to what your needs are.  Not only are we passionate about real estate, we’re passionate about our community.  While we may not be running for office, we’re deeply committed to the causes of diversity and inclusion.  Each of us can make a difference, where we are, when we speak up.

Enjoy this season of new beginnings and march to your own drummer too!

Joseph, Joey, Victoria


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