An Endless List of Thankfulness

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Hello again, it's me, Joseph, and I'm on move with an attitude of gratitude. Yes, Thanksgiving is just around the corner so make your list and check it twice and heavens to Betsy make sure you thaw the turkey when you need to. Here's the word on the bird:

If chaos occurs and your birdie doesn't look quite right, you wouldn't be the first to call the Butterball hotline. It's been around for 30 years. ( #turkeytalk ) Another quick tip, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize--Thanksgiving is the last chance for all things fall so add some nice touches and light the candles and please do not purchase the canned cranberries-- they weren't at the first gathering! (Weggies will keep you on the right track.)

While I'm thankful everyday, Thanksgiving is a great day to be grateful with those that matter most. Whether you say grace, or a simple "Salud" or "mazel tov", say something that let's people know how much they mean to you or that gives insight into what you value. You can learn a lot about a person when you hear what they are grateful for. I've already started my list:

T- Turn Back Time

There in no "C" in Thanksgiving and you know Cher is always on the top of my list. (you did read last month's blog, right?)

H- Hillary

She's still my president, in fact she just visited, as a Thanksgiving pre-game! And, since we're on the letter H-

I really have to give a shout out to hot dog toasters everywhere! They are such a hit in our PineappleRoc Airbnb collection!

A- Alverio (need I say more?)

(okay, maybe a little bit more because we're really proud of our PineappleRoc Airbnb collection. We're truly passionate about providing space for people to relax and enjoy their very best life.

N- Nice people.

I appreciate you. I value you. Mean people were probably nice once too and I try to remember that when I can.

K- Kindness

Ellen is my bff for many reasons but mainly because she knows what it will take for all of us to take care of each other. #bekind

F- Friends and Family

Your friends and family are the people that love you and all of your "you-ness". Sometimes that's your biological family, and sometimes it's your neighbors or somewhere in between #framily You get to choose your life, and your family and your friends.

U- Understanding

One of our greatest flaws as humans is that we listen to respond instead of listening to understand; what a gift it is when people slow down enough to see the world from your perspective. Let's take it one step further, dear reader-- the truth is that I can understand exactly where you're coming from and why you believe what you do and at the same time I can completely disagree with you and we can still be friends. #ellenandgeorge

L- Love is love is love.

All of us at hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving. We are truly grateful for your trust and confidence and look forward to a fabulous New Year in helping people find the perfect space whether you want to rent, invest own or plan a holiday at PineappleRoc.