An Eye Towards Autumn

Hi Again, it’s me Joseph, and I’m on the move.   I’m soaking in summer with an eye towards autumn.   Fear not, dear reader, in my quest to be #intentionallyawesome, I really am living in the moment, (see exhibit A, below), it’s just that it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead now and again.

Honestly, I think everyone should find a thoughtful spot and figure out what it means to

choose your life.  For heaven’s to Betsy, that trip you want to take? Book it.  That gorgeous peacock patterned chair you want to buy? Sit your fanny down, my friend.  It’s possible, if you have a plan.  Real estate is a great investment and there will be many opportunities this fall to build a portfolio.   We’ve entered the third quarter and properties will become available as investors make final evaluations on their holdings for 2017.  In fact, if you really want to think ahead, real estate investment can be your own kind of pension plan. Take it from an experienced investor like moi.

Maybe it’s time to make an investment in a second home. It’s okay to want your own piece of paradise.  There are so many gems to consider on Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes.  If you don’t mind Jack Frost nipping at your nose, there are also some fabulous cozy cabins to be discovered.  So many memories are waiting, they just need a place to hold them. #familylegacy

Don’t own a home?  We need to talk.  Interest rates are still so low we can hardly find them.   “Oh, but so is the inventory”, you say.   To some extent, you are right.  However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some who have no vision are missing out on some great properties that just need a little love.  At, we have an eye for potential and an extensive list of trusted contractors that can transform “needs improvement” to “needs to be on HGTV” in no time. (BTW: The same is true for your fall wardrobe.  Watch for my fall fashion blog.)

There’s still so much of summer to be had; the official start of fall isn’t until September 22nd.  (Stay tuned for when my new season will start, #Imakemyownrules) The good news is that there are always opportunities waiting to be discovered no matter what day it is.  Contact us today and choose your life.


Joseph, Joey and Victoria