An Open Letter to Cher

Hello, it’s me Joseph and I’m on the move, as in, I’m leaving on a jet plane soon.  Fear not dear reader, I’ll be back but not until after I finish this month’s quest to be intentionally amazing.  What does that include?  An open letter to Cher.  Why not!  It’s my birthday month.  It can’t hurt.  In fact, it never hurts to tell people they are valued and cherished and loved.

Dear Cher,

It’s me, Joseph.  I know we haven’t officially met (yet) but you may have seen me in the audience. I have seen you 6 times already, 3 times in Rochester, New York,  2 times in Buffalo, New York and once in Vegas when you had your residence show there. ( On a side note: I would love to earn frequent flyer Cher miles that would earn me better seats at your next concert.  Think about it and get back to me.)

Anyway, I am sure that someone somewhere holds the record for number of Cher

concerts attended. Others perhaps have wall papered a room with your fabulous features. #notastalker However, I know that I must have the record for independent

concerts and by that I mean the Cher concerts that I have in my kitchen with my dogs as back up dancers or the ones I have in my car or at my office, or walking down the street.  Yes, I turn back time right with you, sister! #NavyBoys I really do BELIEVE. Pride? It’s my middle name. (#sortof)  Strong Enough? You betcha. In my mind, we’ve talked a thousand times about how fabulous your endless costume changes are (you have inspired some key pieces in my own wardrobe), your amazing hairstyles and what a great move it was to have Cyndi Lauper open for you.

I’m writing to let you know I’m coming for a visit to Vegas this week and I thought we

could meet up, you know, on stage.  I get that you’re busy and all, which is why a quick jump on and off the stage will do.  I have some excellent moves (I watch you on video all the time) and I think I’d add a great twist to the choreography. #silentdiscomoves  It’s also my 40th birthday. If I’ve learned anything from you, all these years, it’s to put it all on the line, every time.  And so I boldly ask, may I have this dance on May 17th? (You can lead!) Have your people call my people.  I’m ready to go viral with you!

If not, I’ll still be at your concert with some very special people in my life.  I’ll be holding a sign, I’ll be singing every lyric, I’ll be on stage in my own mind, or maybe swinging from a chandelier.  I haven’t decided.  I’ll be grateful that words are weapons that can be used for good too, especially when you add music to them and they take flight.  Thank you for sharing the gift that is you, and for striving every day to be intentionally amazing for your fans.

Talk soon.

Love Your New Friend,


P.S. Please let me know the next time you’ll be in Rochester.  I have the perfect place for you and the crew to come and relax, regroup and have a blast.  #whereeverythinghappens

Now, dear reader, I have no delusions.   It’s a long shot and I have no idea if Cher or anyone will remotely acknowledge that my invitation exists.  What I do know is this:  if I don’t ask, I will never know.  As I begin a new decade, I really do want to ask more questions, to take more calculated risks and to live even more authentically.  Join me! Make your move. Invest in a portfolio.  Come dance in the flames with us.  What will it take to help #youbeyou too?  

Contact us today!


Joseph, Joey and Victoria