Are You On the Naughty List Or the Nice List?

Hi, it’s me Joseph and I’m on the move again making all things merry and bright. #intentionallyawesome.  I’m also making a list and checking it twice.  You didn’t think that Santa was the only one that made the naughty and nice list, did you?  While we’re on the subject, jolly, old St. Nick could use a wardrobe update.  Before you throw coal at me, just consider a little number like this one. #ExhibitA 

Seriously, Santa could light up the sky himself. #giveRudolphsNoseaRest.  Side note, don’t ever be afraid to sparkle!

Anyway, dear reader, it’s been an interesting year, to say the least, but you know me, I never say the least.  I always have more to say, so here’s my most recent list:


Donald Trump

Enough said.

Susan Sarandon

America at war because of Hillary Clinton?  Come back to reality, sweet actress.                  I’ll still watch your movies but give your script another look, honey.

Matt Lauer

Just a shocker. Never saw it coming.  That’s the sad reality, my friends.  Sometimes we never see it coming because we’re not vigilant enough or we believe some to be above the very thought.  We need to look out for each other.  Harassment takes many forms among every race, gender and religion. It’s always closer than you think, so let’s keep each other close.

The good news is that there are more good people than bad people in the world.  For some reason, it’s the mean grinchy ones that get the attention, but not on my watch.  Let’s give some credit where credit is due:


Hillary Clinton:  She’s my president.  Strength, wisdom, and grace beyond measure, even in the face of defeat, and a highly questionable defeat at that.  She’s a winner and #intentionallyawesome.   We didn’t have a chance to get our Christmas card picture done together this year, but she is with me and Frankie in spirit.

Sweet Home Alabama

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he voted for Doug Jones.  There is hope for the future!


“Be kind to one another.”  A simple, brilliant message that she lives out every single day.

Diversity Darlings

What is a diversity darling?  It’s anyone that embraces what makes a culture unique, so much so, that Double D’s, as they are affectionally called, can’t help but celebrate everything.  Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza. You name it.  In fact, some of them have been known to make up their own holidays. #Imakemyownrules Does this make them indecisive and not committed to their own beliefs?  Heck no! It makes them inclusive and pretty much fans of the entire human race, well at least, fans of the nice people.

In the midst of this holiday season, no matter what you choose to celebrate, we here, at Mo