Be heard. Vote.

Hello again, it's me, Joseph and I'm on the move. Sweet baby Moses in a basket, I hope you are too and that you're voting plan is in place. Don't be fooled by those who will tell you that your vote doesn't count because we aren't a swing state or that the election has already gone to heck in a handbasket because of mail in voting fraud, or early voting, or whatever other tale is being told.

The truth is that freedom is not free.

You're right to vote was secured because people were willing to die for it. Voting is a sign of ultimate honor and respect. Those who lost their lives, matter.

The truth is that you need to educate yourself

If you do decide to vote, dear reader, then you need to do your research. The first step is to make sure you're registered and you know what you're options are on how, when and where to vote. (Some of us have already dropped in our mail in ballot!)

Next, Willy Nilly voting will get us nowhere. With so much media swirling around us, it's important to focus on the facts and not the fake news. The League of Women Voters in conjuction with has all this information at your fingertips. All you need to do is just type in your address. You can find out who's running, where they stand on issues and compare and contrast candidates in both the local and naitional election.

The truth is we may not know who are President is for months to come.

A pandemic can send an election into a tailspin. When all is said and done, be assured that every vote will be counted, however long it takes. We may not know the outcome for awhile but at least we'll know that we did our part. Didn't vote? Don't complain.

When I participate in IN-Person early voting on Monday, it won't just be about me and what I want. It will be a vote for love, and kindness and intentional policy that promotes the greater good not just locally, but nationally, and globally. Yes, those values still matter and you can mention them in an election. Do not fear what you feel will be taken away as other voices are heard, be movitated by what you know is possible when people in power have good sense. Preach it, Julia!

Let's vote for the candidates who will help us reimagine what "justice for all really means." A vote for them is a vote for all of us.

Be heard.


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