Breathe in a Beautiful New Year

Hello again, it's me, Joseph and I'm on the move. Actually, I'm taking in a really deep breath and exhaling with purpose. It's the land between Christmas and New Years, where you don't always remember what day it is. It's the perfect space to reflect and ponder.

Marie Kondo would tell us that we should let go of anything that doesn't bring us joy. Agreed. (On a side note, I'm going to have my own show too in 2020, only it won't be as long or on Netflix. Stay tuned for my Youtube channel.) Ms. Kondo is talking about getting rid of stuff. I'm talking about tidying up our minds. Now is a perfect time to keep or not keep what we've cluttered our heads with.

2019 looked good on paper and then life happened. People let you down. You let other people down. And, you know who let everybody down in the universe. #notmypresident You won. You lost. You questioned how some people function on a daily basis. However, somewhere in the midst of all of it, you learned something. Even the no good, very bad days made you wiser.

It's easier said than done this cleaning your mind business. Human nature will always lead our thoughts down the road of what went wrong. Put your blinker on dear reader, it's time to switch lanes. To move forward, into the next decade ( let's bring back the roaring 20's and the cocktail party, who's with me?) you're going to need to make room in your mind for new possibilities. You're going to need to believe that you're absolutely fabulous and completely not in charge of what other people think of you. Let go of any thought that doesn't reflect this you-do-you truth. Breathe in all that is waiting to happen; exhale what you can not change.

2020 is just around the corner. In the coming days, we will be reminded of the good and the bad and the ugly and many will make resolutions to be a better version of themselves. That's all fine and dandy but heaven's to Betsy don't get your knickers in a knot if the train goes off the track. #impeachment #meanpeople #mismatchedsocks Just breathe and then as Mister Rogers always says, "Look for the helpers."

At, we want to be one of the helpers. Buy, sell, rent, invest or take a holiday in one of our unique PineappleROC Airbnbs. We so appreciate your trust and confidence in choosing us when choosing where you want to live or vacation/staycation. We look forward to helping even more people in 2020,

Take a deep breath and enjoy a safe and Happy New Year with those that matter most.