Celebrate All the Sides of You

Hello again, it's me Joseph and I'm on the move! The truth is that I'm on a constant quest to always learn and do more. I know it sounds exhausting but it really isn't. It's more about being observant and aware than it is about running around. It's taking a pause and thinking about what moves and motivates people and how they define who they are, if they do at all.

Like me, you must have seen the Dolly Parton Challenge.

I love it for many reasons. First, because I love this woman and she has been known to move me to tears with some of her songs. Second, I love that she's 74 years old and she's not afraid to put herself out there. She's not afraid, senior citizen status and all, to see how she fits into a changing world.

While we're at it, can I also add in my beloved Betty White to the list of fabulous favorites for that matter? (Shame, shame whomever dropped that fake news about her passing.) Beautiful Betty is 98 years old, and she's still out there, curious as ever, talking to whomever will listen, about what she sees and experiences in the world. (PSA-There's going to be a remake of Golden Girls) In a world that would have us believe we're over the hill, if we're over forty, this little lady reminds us there's so much more life to be had.

The truth is that the Dolly Parton Challenge reminds us that we have different sides to who are, and apparently different platforms to share each side. We have to give ourselves permission to express every side of who we are. It doesn't mean we're hypocrites or have an identity crisis; it just means that we are a combination of many experiences and ideas.

Dolly's intent was just to show how versatile she is: " Get you a woman that can do it all" which is how she captioned her post. What she showed us and why so many jumped on board, is that you can be all of who you are and enjoy every minute of it.

At MovingRochester.com and PineappleRoc.com, we're no different. There are many sides to who we are and what we do, which means, at the end of the day, we can find the perfect fit for whatever space you need, to enjoy every minute of who you are too! Contact us today!

In the meantime, celebrate you and all that you are. (If you did take the challenge, we'd love to see it! )