Cheers to 20 Years

Hello Again, It's me, Joseph and I'm on the move! As you know, dear reader, as I meet and invest in people and learn more about their cultures, I'm always finding new ways and holidays to celebrate. Today, I'm celebrating a holiday of sorts-- my 20th year in real estate. #dropthemic I know, I did the math twice. It's true, even though they tell me I don't look a day over fabulous.

Thank You

No one lasts 20 years in any profession, and certainly not sales, unless people value and respect them. Your trust and confidence these past 20 years has been immeasurable. They're right when they say, "no one succeeds alone." Thank you, thank you. I look forward to providing stellar real estate services and holiday experiences for years to come.

To My Newbie Realtor Self:

I'm proud of you, kid. You never gave up. You took risks. You failed forward. You only discriminated against the very mean people, because, well, they were really mean. The intent of your heart was to honor your values and to put a roof over people's heads whether they were renting or buying or making a move. And, you had fun along the way. You were always okay with being yourself. You painted your toenails, you rode inflatable swans, and you encouraged others to do the same. #flyyourflag In a world where many choose to conform, you chose to inform and champion the cause of kindness. You got a few bumps and bruises along the way, but every challenge made you stronger. Perfectly imperfect and a better person for it because you always learned from every experience. Well done.

To My Future Self

In the grand scheme of things, I think we're looking pretty good. #newheadshot We've come a long way and taking time to celebrate now creates space to dream even bigger; and not just goals for ourself but goals for our community. Age #nottelling has brought wisdom and clarity and an even fiercer determination to advance the causes of inclusion and social justice for all who are mistreated.

Future self, don't you dare grow weary. Don't be discouraged. Don't be disillusioned into thinking that you can't make an impact. Heavens to Betsy, let's not ever forget that a hot dog toaster can change the world. "The little things are the big things." Keep doing the little things.

As you forge ahead in new directions #PineappleRoc #FunkyCow and who knows what next, do so with purpose, intention and an eye toward the greater good.

You are continually becoming #MichelleObama and you'll get where you need to go because you'll never forget where you came from. You've got this.

To my clients, past, present and future, thanks again. The best is yet to come.

Cheers to 20 years.