Embracing Change

Hi, it’ me Joseph and I’m on the move again. The arrival of fall ushers in a season of change; even the leaves accessorize differently. And, while they can be quite beautiful in their new autumn attire, it’s still not my favorite time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not boycotting fall; I just prefer spring and summer. (See exhibit A below)

With that said, dear reader, I do understand that change is good as it usually challenges us to grow in some way and you know I’m all about that. #ThisisAuthenticLiving

Allow me a moment to share some of the changes I’ve been experiencing. Through the years I have been blessed and honored to work with some of the greatest people and just like myself, my team has changed and evolved. This season, we wish Victoria Iati nothing but the very best as she transitions her career in a new direction. Victoria, you are Simply The Best and we wish you nothing but the absolute best.

Change has come in so many ways:

  • a fresh new look for our website! CHECK IT OUT

  • the addition of new properties to our rental portfolio

  • the development of short-term furnished rentals- #ThisIsUsMeetingNeeds

  • and our new staff member: Margarita Torress

And-- the return of the beloved Mary Rinaudo #ThisisMYMama She will be making a few guest appearances in my blog, so stayed tuned.

It’s also a time of change in our country's political make-up; hopefully with a shake-up in the midterm elections. Dearest reader, and I will preach this from the rooftops, don’t ever forget that your vote has the power to affect change. Go make a difference and cast your ballot because it counts. ( For the record, Hillary is still my President.)

What changes are ahead of you? Does it require an upgrade in your housing needs: right-sizing, growing your real estate portfolio or possibly liquidating your portfolio? Maybe you no longer have time to manage your portfolio and you need to hire a professional to increase your cash flow and reduce your stress? Maybe the truth is that you have no idea what you need. Fear not, the MovingRochester.com team is here to help.

“The longer you wait for the future, the shorter it will be.”

Join us, in embracing this season of change. We’re looking forward to new beginnings!


Joseph and Joey