Fresh Off the Press

Hi, it’s me, Joseph and I’m on the move again.  In fact, I’m on the move and feeling FRESH!  Fear not, it’s not the kind of fresh that makes you want to slap someone silly (#Ihavebeentempted), nor is it any reference to personal hygiene, although I do believe #selfcare is important.  Dear Reader, what I am talking about today is the type of FRESH that occurs in your journey to be intentionally awesome. FRESH describes your life when you decide to take a turn, a new road, a new perspective.   If I could grab your face right now I would and I’d plant a big fat kiss on your cheek and tell you, that you get to choose your life and yours can be FRESH too!

What does FRESH mean for me in my life right now?  First and foremost, I have continued on with the trainer.  I’ve lost 15 lbs and I’m sporting a new look.  On a side note, I must encourage all of you to make sure you have a signature piece in your wardrobe that includes polka dots.  You can not help but have a FRESH attitude in this type of fabric and you never know who might try to connect your dots! (#singleagain)

FRESH, (“Fraiche” for our French speaking friends) also means learning new skills.  I have upped my foodie game and taken cocktails to a whole new level.  What an adventure it has been:

Yes, that’s me at a foodie show.  Truth be told, I have the inside scoop on a new bar and grill experience that will just knock your socks off so PLEASE be sure to get a pedicure.  It will be the place where EVERYTHING happens so you must stay tuned. Fabulous food will be served with creative cocktails to relax and inspire you! ( #signatureevents) Wait, you’re the designated driver? (#greatidea)  A special beverage like one of these will be waiting for you!

Speaking of drivers, how about Uber coming to town!  Now, that’s FRESH for Rochester. (#latetotheparty)  It comes just in the nick of time as Bernadette, my beautiful car, not to be confused with Penelope my adult tricycle, has suffered some traumatic injuries and while she has recovered nicely, we’ve decided to part ways.  My lease is up soon so my options are open but no worries, I’ll have UBER and Penelope. Currently, she is still covered up but she will ride again.  She is excited to tour the new happenings of Downtown Rochester, and she would really like to see Citi Bike come to our city.  Penelope started organizing a protest when she learned that Buffalo already has a bike sharing company (not Citi Bike).  There is some talk in her spoke-filled gang of locking themselves to the Freddie Sue Bridge.  I will keep you posted.

It’s a new season, and a new reason to take a FRESH look at your life.  Rent, buy, build, invest.  If a FRESH new perspective means making a move, can help.  It’s time to create your own adventure and we’re ready to assist.Enjoy this season of new beginnings.

Joseph, Joey and Victoria