Gifts that Keep on Giving

Hello again. It's me, Joseph and I'm on the move. In fact, I've just completed another trip around the sun. (My birthday is May 28th for all you fellow Gemini's out there) While I'm older, it's true, I am also wiser and even more grateful for the gifts in my life that keep on giving. The list is endless and each day, I find more reasons to have an attitude of gratitude. Here are just a few:

This Guy!

How could you not be grateful for someone that:

  • loves you exactly as you are

  • lives his passion

  • embraces adventure and spontaneous drive thru runs and/or cocktails

  • exudes kindness, love and laughter

  • is as sweet and savory as his waffles #chickensalad

For Beautiful Spaces

What a gift to see a sunset on the water, to enjoy a meal al fresco by candlelight. #CrownJewel To enjoy your coffee indoors and outdoors and sip in our beautiful city in one of the most eclectic neighborhoods. #SouthWedge, to take a stroll down the street and be greeted by the aroma of lilacs at a nationally renowned park. #HighlandParkExperience. The passion behind our #PineappleRoc Collection is give people beautiful spaces to experience and explore at their own pace. This picture was actually taken by me, on my birthday eve. I had some time to reflect on so many gifts. Take some time too. Connect with us today.

Beautiful Faces

My social media feeds are filled with so many faces. (including Bill and Hillary--they were quite overdressed for our barbecue last summer but to each his own #nojudging) What I love most about the faces in my feeds is that they are diverse.

Dear Reader, we need to widen our circles far enough to include people of different cultures, race and religions. It's the only way to truly experience and value all of humanity. If everyone in your circle looks just like you, it may be time to expand and redraw some lines. And, as a added bonus, the more diversity you have in your life, the more opportunities you have to celebrate holidays! Canada Day is next up on my list!

We hope today finds you in place of gratitude for the gifts in your life and a space of grace, so that you take the time to take care of yourself.


Joseph and Ricky