Good Bye 2020

Hello again, It's me, Joseph, and I'm on the move again. I'm making room for the new year; organizing my thoughts, taking inventory of my adventures, looking forward and yet holding on to what is most meaningful.

2020 was a welcomed, happy sight in the beginning: a new decade, new goals and a new vision. Such promise was waiting just around the corner, or so we thought. Who knew it was really a pandemic that would cause the whole world to shut down? THE. WHOLE. WORLD.

Like you, dear reader, I'm ready to send 2020 out the door and change the locks. Honestly though, as much as I don't ever want to repeat this year, I absolutely don't want to forget the lessons learned. There is much to be salvaged and in some cases, even celebrated.

Masks have meaning.

Who knew that wearing a mask was a way of letting people, even complete strangers, know you care about them. In a battle against a deadly enemy, we armed ourselves with masks to do our part to stop the spread. And while not everyone has taken the virus seriously enough, enough of us have to give us hope. A vaccine is on its way to all of us!

Social distancing inspired our creativity.

We made birthday signs, had drive by parades, went Christmas carrolling for the first time in ages. We learned ZOOM and Google Hangouts. We ate in tents, went on picnics, spent more time outside and walked our fur babies more. #carmenandfrankie We tried new hobbies and hairstyles when we couldn't get ours cut and some of us learned that puzzles were made for other people.

Social Justice Matters

This year showed us that we have a long way to go when it comes to healing the racial divide and loving well. Not racist, is different than becoming anti-racist. We need to be allies and advocates for those whose voices have gone unheard. If everyone we know looks exactly like us, what does that say about us? Even in the land of social distancing, we can widen our circles and check on each other.

Let freedom ring.

Two thirds of eligible voters actually voted in the 2020 election. That's the first time the turn out has been that high in 120 years! In the midst of Covid craziness, people found a way to make their vote count even if they had to wait hours in line.

Make no mistake. 2020 has brought devastating challenges and loss among its lessons. It will take some time to recover, restore, regroup and reimagine where we thought we'd be. It's not what we expected at all but maybe in some small way, it's given us the clarity we needed.

Our passion has been and will continue to be putting a roof over your head or someone else's whether you want