Leap and Live Your Best Life

Hello again, it's me, Joseph and I'm on the move. It's February 29th, which only comes our way every 4 years. Add daylight savings when we spring ahead (PSA-March 8th this year) or fall back as the case may be, and it's no wonder no one knows what day or time it is.

Anyway, this leap year has me thinking about the leaps I have taken in my life. I've leaped into puddles and pools #cannonballstyle, lakes #inflatableswan and oceans. I've leaped to the rescue whenever I could to help a family member or friend. As a business owner, I've leaped head first into the world of entrepreneurs and for the most part I've landed on my feet. And, if I'm really honest, and dear reader, you know that I am, I may have leaped a time or two into relationships, spontaneous vacations and midnight McDonalds runs for a quarter pounder with cheese and extra pickles!

Here's what I know: even when my leaps have left me somewhat limping, I have no regrets. What I've learned about myself, others, and how the world works or doesn't work, has far outweighed an injury or challenge I may have experienced. Despite all of our greatest efforts to research and assess risk, there comes a certain point in time, where we just need to take the leap.

I'm not sure what leap you need to take. Personally? Professionally? I do know that in order to live your very best life, you're going to need to leap somewhere. It's the only way to reach your true potential. (If your leap includes ownership of a home or investment property or planning a holiday in one of our Airbnbs, contact us today! )

Enjoy your extra day and leap into a fabulous future.