Lessons Learned.

Updated: Mar 28

Hello again. It' me, Joseph and it's one of those days where you pour yourself a beverage and have a big thought. It's been a year since the world as we knew it changed forever. If we are wise, we will allow ourselves to be changed too as we process all that this pandemic has to teach us.

What have we learned?

  • We learned that during a global pandemic, clothing somehow shrinks. (It can't possibly be from eating or drinking more)

  • We learned how to have Zoom happy hours! We learned Zoom.

  • We learned patience. We learned to slow down. We read books. We attempted puzzles. (Shout to all of you that succeeded.)

  • We learned how precious life is. Even those who were extremely healthy were taken from us while some dared to say the pandemic wasn't real.

  • We learned to trust science.

  • We learned to redefine what it means to be a hero. As we panicked thinking the last of our toilet paper was gone, it was the tireless workers at the retail stores who continued to stock the shelves and checkout our groceries, often at the risk of their own families.

  • We learned to support local restaurants and other businesses who struggled to stay open and their workers who struggled to pay the bills. And, while some were forced to close, others pressed on, encouraged by their loyal patrons.

  • We learned that most people, when given the opportunity (#wearamask) will choose to take care of each other, even if the "other" is a stranger.

And somewhere in the midst of all the lessons, we learned to reinvent ourselves as we were forced to be more creative in order to succeed. We began to pivot in directions we might not have considered if it weren't for the Covid craziness.

From a business perspective, it became our passion to raise the bar of our over-the top guest experience at PineappleRoc even higher, not only because we wanted to ensure the health and safety of everyone who stayed with us, #cdcguidlelines but because we wanted everyone to have a sense of peace and comfort in a world

that sometimes has felt so out of control. Asking ourselves on a daily basis: 'what can we do today to be even better?" has become a welcomed habit. As we continue to set the standards of hospitality in the vacation rental business, we are keenly aware that every day is a potential celebration just waiting to happen.

As such, we are excited to introduce our South Wedge Loft just in time for the Lilac Festival, (so glad it's back!) and another property will be coming soon to the Corn Hill area, so be sure to follow us on social media.

Personally, we are grateful to have weathered the Covid storm together. As it slowly retreats, we have a renewed sense of purpose and a commit to never stop learning and serving others by providing beautiful spaces to live, to play and to holiday. We hope this season of new beginnings continues to change all of us for the better.

Speaking of getting better and better, Happy Birthday to my mom, Mary Rinaudo on March 31st!

Growing with you,