Let's Make Sure We're Heard

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Hi again, it’s me Joseph and I’m on the move!  As you may remember, dear reader, last year I embarked on a journey to be #intentionallyawesome.  You’ll be happy to know I still am #humbletoo .  Much like every great outfit needs an accessory to tie it all together, each new year, at least in my world, needs a theme to tie it together and keep us accountable and intentional.  As we begin 2018, I’m ready to embrace the future and whatever adventure is just around the corner. (stay tuned for some #FunkyCow updates!)  While many feel the need to pledge their resolutions on January 1, I prefer to take my time. #Imakemyownrules  What’s this year’s theme?  Let’s discuss!

Here’s the reality of 2018 so far, reflected in our daily media:


  • Feeds are filled with talk about how disheartened, nervous, sick and in fear people are of the current situation of the White House:   refusing to condemn Nazis hateful protests, attacking Mexicans, attacking immigrants in general and of course the Shit Hole comment.  (It’s so painfully obvious why the Donald continues to remain on the naughty list.)

  • Other posts include a conversation about the lost art of the White House on how to speak intelligently.  (Heaven’s to Besty– I can’t spell to save my life, #spellcheck, but at least I can put a sentence together.)

  • Another post made me smile with a quote from past president Ronald Regan: “If someone, even a friend, uses an ugly word referring to another’s race, religion, let’s make it clear we won’t put up with it…”  Preach it, Ronnie!  We may not share a political party but we share a love for justice!


Speaking of justice, I was moved by Obama tweeting about Dr. King as a permanent inspiration for the rest of us to keep pushing towards justice.   His legacy must live on.


One word:  Oprah.  Her speech at the Golden Globes was spectacular and so is the endless positive reaction she continues to make in the world!  I have to say when I was just a kid, I loved Oprah.  Most days after school I would go to Grandma’s house. General Hospital was ending and Grandma and I would watch Oprah together and I knew back then there was something different about her.  Today I think everyone sees it!  Oprah is truly a driving force.  Because she is authentic and dedicated to her core beliefs, she makes a difference!  (As a side note, I love her even more because she tells everyone that if they want to feel good, they should watch Ellen! #hugefan)

We live in a world where the media is constantly sending a message:  good news, bad news, fake news, etc.  Rather than turn a blind eye or a deaf ear, we need to help the right voices to be heard; not just the famous ones, but any voice anywhere that is the voice of hope, justice, inclusion, and inspiration.   Even Facebook is tired of the negative Facebook posts.

So, my theme this year, dear reader is #BeHeard.   You’ll see me all over social media, in person and in my blog sharing stories of inspirational people whether someone starts a movement or they eat at an Indian restaurant for the first time because they’re trying to learn about a new culture.  I love the #ThisisBrave hashtag people are using.  Look for me to add a few more and I would encourage you to do the same:  #ThisisLove #ThisisGreatNews #ThisisHope #ThisisInclusion #ThisisFun.   And, because I am who I am, #ThisisJustPlainWrong.  Let’s tell the stories that need to be told and share each other’s stories.

If part of your 2018 story, includes making a move, we can help.  #ThisisaNewChapter

Happy New Year!  Let’s be heard!

Joseph, Joey, Victoria