Let's Wake Up, Show Up and Stand Up

Hi, It’s me, Joseph and I’m on the move.  Unfortunately, I am not on the move as a back up dancer for Cher, but I gave it a valiant effort.  Since January, I have talked a lot about being intentionally awesome.  To some, the idea may seem like fluff.  Au contraire mon frère. To be present, to embrace each moment, to recognize who you are and what your purpose is while at the same time respecting and understanding this quest in others is the only hope we have for a fabulous life. #mediocreisnotanoption Anything less and we are no better than the wackadoodle that wrote this:

Hi there,

I can across your Bassett Sofa on Craigslist. I am remodeling my husbands man cave and it caught my eye. I have some questions. *Is it scotch guarded? *free of any human feces *free of any human fluids *I prefer furniture from a white traditional home.

Thank you for your time

Jesus is our lord #nailmeup #cumdumpjedidiah

Say what you what you will.  Say that intolerance happens somewhere else, and I will say/scream “WAKE UP!”  (Secretly, I will want to slap you silly but it’s not worth the bail money) That post is real and even if it was a joke, it’s a sick one.  So when I say, “Be #intentionallyawesome and I give you examples of how I’m trying to learn about different ideas, and people and cultures, it isn’t really about me; it’s about sending the message that while we all need to bloom where we are planted, the garden is a whole lot bigger than we ever thought.  It just makes sense to learn about the other people growing around us.

So, in my personal quest to be #intentionally awesome, I’d like to fill you in, dear reader, on some of my adventures since last we spoke: (BTW: feel free to fill me in on what you’re doing, I just might come along!)


“Opa”  Yes, totally, I’m all about it!  Everyone needs a little oomph now and again and the food was awesome!


It’s not just about embracing people, it’s also about embracing nature and since so many of these ended up on my front lawn, I decided to become one with my inner Flamingo.  (Look who else joined in the fun!)


A new decade has begun.  The month of May was the changing of the guard and I spent the whole month celebrating. (Cher sends her best to all of you!)


Yes, this weekend I’m off to Philadelphia for Philly Pride Weekend.  Then, we’ll head up the first weekend in July to visit our neighbors to the North in Canada for their 150th birthday celebration before ringing in our 4th of July!  Oh, on the surface, it may sound like one big party crawl but the truth is, the best way to be #exceptionallyawesome is to SHOW UP!  So rock on Philadelphia, we’re standing with you and every LGBT community everywhere!  Happy Sesquicentennial, Oh, Canada!  Good for you, because we all want our independence and well, God Bless America because even if we don’t always have our act together, we never lose hope.

I hope you are out and about celebrating all that is important to you and blooming where you’re planted.  If you need to pick up your roots and find another garden, we’re ready to help you make your move.

And today, on Father’s Day, a special shout out to all the favorite fellas who show up, stand up, fall down (#nobodysperfect) and get back up and love without condition.

Thanks for being #exceptionallyawesome.