March Madness - Joseph Style

Hi again, its me Joseph and I’m on the move, being intentionally awesome, at least in my own mind. (#thinkawesome #beawesome) Spring has been in full swing with much to celebrate and of course I didn’t let a little windstorm or blizzard get in the way.  March for most is in like a lion and out like a lamb.  For me, it’s in like Adam Levine and out like a lovely brunch.

So let’s start with Adam.  Yes, I went to the Maroon 5 concert.  I had a great pre-game with friends at the Half Pint Pub and then off to the front row so I could make eye contact with Adam and give him some immediate feedback about the show. #welldone

Before I knew it, a few days later, I was starring in the Wizard of Oz with the rest of Rochester during that crazy wind storm.  Heaven’s to Betsy people, what the heck happened to Kansas? Branches and wires, and debris, oh my.  Power out.  Recycle bins gone with the wind, literally.  So much damage and so very grateful that no one I know was hurt.  Storms are outrageously inconvenient and yet they bring out the “intentionally awesome” in all of us. I have heard so many stories of people helping other people and taking care of

each other.  Say what you want about our wacka-doodle weather, the people of Rochester rock and I can’t wait to meet them all at Rochester’s newest hot spot (#comingsoon #Ihaveallthescoop) and tell them so!

Speaking of weather, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade was FREEZE-ing.  Not to worry, when the going gets tough, the tough accessorize.  The right hat, scarf and adult beverage, make all the difference.

(Word to the wise, if you find yourself a tad bit over-served, it’s always a good idea to make friends with your security guard, you never know when or why you might need him.)Onto St. Joseph’s Day!  #noSaintLeftBehind.  What a delightful day and it was made all the better by scrumptious bread and pastries from our very own Victoria Iati.

Truth be told dear reader,  we certainly don’t need the calendar to give us a reason to celebrate.  Today is Sunday and that’s reason enough when you love brunch like I do! Here are  3 great places, sure to please:

TRATA:  It’s a great space and once it’s nice out, they will have roof top tables and a bar.  Their homemade breads, jellies and  home fries are all to die for.  The mimosas are made with Hi! Prosecco.

Roam Cafe on Park Ave: I love this place every day not just for brunch.  The owners and staff are some of the best in Rochester.  Phil is one of the best drinkologists.  Their brunch menu is great but my favorite item on the menu is their arancini…to die for!

The Cub Room at The Edge of the Wedge.  Again ,I love this place every day.  The restaurant has a big city feel.We can also celebrate a great spring market, consistently low interest rates and great properties to purchase if you truly want to invest in Rochester.  

If your next adventure includes making a move, we’re ready to help make it happen.  Contact us today!

Enjoy this season of new beginnings!

Joseph, Joey, Victoria