Mind Your Manners and Then Some

Hello again, it's me Joseph and I'm on the move. As you know, I am a huge fan of celebrating everything, embracing all cultures and showing kindness. Most of us, except the mean people, can achieve these goals by simply minding our manners. If we start there, kindness, tolerance and celebration will flow as freely as the wine at Sunday dinner!

Lucky for you, dear reader, I recently came across a list of 50 Unspoken Etiquette Rules we should follow to make the world a nicer place. I've highlighted some of my personal favorites and added my own twist to get us started:


A real smile. (people will think your constipated if it's forced.)

Smile at the cashier. The bank teller. Your co-worker. Even if he or she doesn’t smile back. A smile can truly make someones day!


Especially to those closest to you. Its simple, free, and goes a long way!


If you decide that you absolutely have to take a call, step outside, or around a corner, or just step aside for a moment. It's not only respectful to the people that are behind you in line, it's also respectful to the person you're talking to. Complete strangers don't need to hear their business. We can hear it.


Right now. This means you. At the Windemere Residence, phones are NOT allowed in the dining room, which makes sense. LOOK AT THE PERSON WHO IS SPEAKING TO YOU. Seriously. Look up from your smartphone and that smartwatch you have.


He or she took the time to send the gift; take the time to show you care.


Know how to rock it for the club or dress modestly for a funeral. In fact, let's just take a moment to Bring Sexy Back!

That was awesome! Now back to our regular programming. Please wear your PJs at home, not to the grocery store and please: PULL YOUR PANTS UP! While we're at it, have you ever turned around at a wedding and wondered if someone was lost?  Honey, we are in church not the Beach Cantina!


I know when you look out your Rochester, NY window it seems like summer is forever days away but its only 120 ish days away!  As we get ready for this fabulous season and dust of our floating flamingos, unicorns or other fun inflatables, remember when you pass a fellow floater to raise your glass and say CHEERS (or Gesondheid, Proost, ΥΓΕΙΑ, Cin cin or whatever you're learning and celebrating). It's a great way to remind your fellow floater that no matter how crazy the rest of the world seems right now, we know that our little floating corner all is well. We're still smiling, listening and caring about one another.

Can a manner mindset make a difference? I do believe it can, not just for boaters and floaters but for neighborhoods and communities and the leaders and businesses that belong to them. Seriously, wouldn't the world be a little nicer, if you know who had some manners? #notmypresident

At MovingRochester.com, we really believe that small gestures can make a big splash. Your real estate goals are important to us and so are you. You'll be treated with the respect that you deserve and you'll find a genuine smile on all of our faces because we really love what we do.

Enjoy your day and join us as we mind our manners in the most magnificent way!