National Pride Month: A PRIDE You Can Be Proud Of

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Hello, it's me, Joseph and I'm on the move again. As many of you know, June is #NationalPrideMonth. (If you missed it, please take a gander at this article from Newsweek that gives a brief tutorial so you can be ready for next year! #betterlatethannever)

In my world, every month is #NationalPrideMonth and #BlackLivesMatter month and #MeToo month and whatever else we need to do to send a message of kindness and peace for all tribes. It's not because I can't make up my mind, it's because we have to remain vigilant, diligent and committed to the cause of justice. It only takes a second for evil to creep in if we let our guard down. #notmypresident

The reason we need to pause and set time aside for months such as these is because, dear sweet America, (BTW, Happy Birthday on the 4th) we simply don't have our act together yet. In a world of #MeNow, we need to step back and be reminded of our past and then press on to a better future; one that does more than tolerate; one that embraces, educates and advocates.

I have been encouraged by the writing on the wall this month, the FB wall that is. Here are some examples:

National Pride Month

Of course, any celebration/cry for justice brings out the wackadoodles and National Pride Month is no different. Shout out to the Red Wings who schooled a gentleman who completely missed the mark by suggesting a Straight Pride Night because of the Pride Night coming up on July 2nd. Here's the Red Wings' response that went viral:

We had a deaf culture day. No one asked when’s hearing culture night. We had Women in Sports Night. No one said when’s men in sports night. … If you’re not for inclusion and promoting a welcoming environment for everyone then don’t come July 2. We have 69 other home games this season.”

(BTW: get your tickets to #PrideNight here.)

The true test of our character and love for humanity is when we can champion a cause or culture that is completely different than our own. That's a pride you can be proud of. Let me use myself as an example. I take pride in #NationalPrideMonth because I am a proud member of the community. However, I also celebrate the Chinese New Year though I am not Chinese, and Los Posadas though I am not Hispanic. and the list goes on. (My personal goal is to add a new holiday every year but that's another blog.) The more I learn, the more I find not only reasons to celebrate but reasons to advocate for those who have been treated unfairly.

I am well aware that there are many who are not pride-filled when it comes to #NationalPrideMonth I move forward anyway with malice towards none. Heavens to Betsy, my life has no room for that. In fact, if you're out there, Mr. Straight Pride Night, I'd love to buy you a ticket and take you out to the ball game; any ball game. We may not agree but that doesn't mean we can't have a conversation and check out all the snacks and cocktails. #winning

Let's soak in every minute and enjoy summer now that it's here. Be proud of who you are!