New Beginnings

Hello, it's me Joseph and I'm on the move again, because dear reader, we can be on the move again. Much like all the trees and flowers you see around you, the world is opening up. We're seeing hopeful signs of new beginnings; even as we continue to wear our masks and social distance. Instead of dwelling on what's still restricted, let's talk about what we can do.

Spring might really be here after all! Mother Nature had a little oopsy daisy last week with some sn*#, but now we're well on our way! The trees are budding, Park Ave is packed and the police are on patrol. #bobintheblog

Take a trip.

Travel restrictions have eased in many states, including New York. While you won't be able to travel abroad, you can travel from sea to shining sea. Should your adventures bring you to Rochester, we'd love to host you at one of our PineappleRoc Vacation Rentals. Make a plan to visit the loved ones you've been missing or attend some of your favorite events like the Lilac Festival, the Public Market Events or the Rochester International Jazz Festival which will be held at RIT this year.

Take a Stroll

Whether you hike, bike, trike or paddle, there's so much to explore. Our vacation rentals are strategically located in some of Rochester's favorite destination areas: South Wedge, Genesee River Trail/Corn Hill and Cobbs Hill. These are just a few hot spots from our city portfolio. Look for our lakefront offerings in our next blog!

Take a Breath

Covid has done a number on all of us in different ways and at one time or another we've all been on the struggle bus because of it. Consider taking some time to just take a breath. Book one of our properties for a self care weekend. PineappleRoc Vacation Rentals now offer concierge services and catering. It's okay to not be okay and take some time to relax and recharge.

As we see the earth continue to bloom into new beginnings, let's do the same!