On The Move With You!

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Hello Again, it’s me, Joseph.  As many of you know it’s the joyous month of my birth which always finds me so absolutely grateful.  You turn a year older and if you’re

another year wiser, you can’t help but reflect a little on what your life is all about, what it includes, where you have been and where you are headed.  When you take a second to add in the amazing gift of having tremendous human beings that journey with you, it just knocks your socks off. (Side note: If you do wear socks, please check in with me because accessories are important. #ThisisFashion)

In all seriousness, dear reader, I’d love to hear from YOU this month, as a guest blogger!  No worries, I’m not asking for an essay, just an excerpt or slice of life, so to speak:

  • Tell us what part of the world you live in and why you like it there. (If you don’t, let’s get you moving!)

  • Tell us how/where we met.

  • Share a favorite memory we’ve had together.

NameWhere You LiveHow/Where We MetFavorite Memory

I’d love to see how the tapestry of people, memories and moments unfolds.  As much as

I love diversity, I also love the fact that the human race is tied together with a common, invisible thread of humanity. (#ThisisTruth)  Perhaps this is why I am always ready at a moment’s notice to celebrate anything and everything!

This month (and I do believe you should take the entire month to celebrate a birthday) I am celebrating the day I made my entrance on planet earth (#ThanksMom, AKA Mother Mary) and I hope you’ll celebrate it with me, virtually.

In the meantime, enjoy the warmer weather when it’s here and all the festivals that are coming our way.  Perhaps, Penelope and I will see you out and about and I will be grateful once again, that our paths crossed.

Celebrating with you!

Joseph, Joey and Victoria