Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Hello again. It's me, Joseph and I'm on the move. Today, we're talking about money, which may not be able to buy you love but apparently can buy a boat load of other amenities.

College Education

Yes, it's true, but it's not new. The FULL HOUSE is a little less fuller because Aunt Becky went rogue. Let's not pretend, however, that's she's the first one trying to pay and to pave the way for her children to be accepted at college. It's been going on for years and since the jig is up on hiding behind donations, they had to get creative and hence we have amazing athletes in water polo photos, that apparently never played water polo. (Seriously, let's just use Adobe Photoshop for the good-- you know, like getting rid of wrinkles instead of creating bogus athletes.)

Let's put our money where are mouth is and actually require each college to have an admissions compliance officer who investigates like a ninja.

The Presidency

I don't care who testifies, researches, reports, etc. Something's not quite right. Enough money can cover up a multitude of sins. When the collusion findings are inconclusive and yet the President is not exonerated, we're a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

Let's put our money where our mouth is and actually require a presidential candidate to release their taxes or be disqualified. If you cheat Uncle Sam, it's a pretty good bet you're going to cheat the rest of America too.

An Attack

Yes, you can pay for someone to attack you so it promotes your career and then to get yourself a good lawyer to get you out of it when you get caught. Why don't we put our money where are mouth is and actually try to free those who have been wrongly accused or coerced into confessions. How about the number of people sitting in jails waiting to be charged with something because they couldn't afford bail?

The truth is that money can't buy you love, security, freedom or happiness. Those pillars in your life can only be achieved by surrounding yourself with people that genuinely care about you and who are willing to tell you the truth about your circumstances. At MovingRochester.com, we listen, we research and we save you from yourself if we have to. If you can't afford a home right now, we'll find you a rental that suits your needs and allows you to save for the right property. Just because you're approved for a certain amount for a mortgage, doesn't mean you should spend it, especially if you have the option of building a wealth portfolio through real estate. One size does not fit all and we're ready to customize.

Yes, money does have power but only when used wisely. What matters most is priceless. The amount required to secure what you need is often less than you think. Contact us today and find out what makes the most "cents" for you and those that matter most.