Soaking Up Rays and Chasing Sunsets

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Hello Again, It's me Joseph and I'm on the move. Summer is in full swing and I'm intentionally soaking up every bit of it. I hope you are too! In the midst of all things Covid, we have had some gorgeous weather. The days are still longer so we have a few more moments to take advantage of summer adventures. Here are some of my favorites:


Seriously, you haven't really experienced summer until you've floated on a raft. True to my mantra that accessories are important, I've had a few opportunities to navigate the waters in this inflatable pineapple seafaring vessel, thanks to Ricky. #hesakeeper #pineappleroc


There's something to be learned in every season. As I strive to be more intentional in slowing myself down, I've befriended a swan family. I know it sounds strange but who knew I'd find them fascinating?

Creatures of habit, they come every morning to soak up the sun. I was keenly aware the moment I met them, of which one ruled the roost. I watch them interact and some days are better than others it terms of them getting along. Isn't that so true of people too? We would be wise to observe more before we respond in social situations. It's not so much that we need to raise our voices, be super loud and scream at other; it's that we need to raise our words and have high impact conversations around diversity and inclusion. I'm convinced that screaming only seems to work for the swans.


Summer is best when shared. In a world filled with ZOOM calls and Google Hangouts, schedule some time in the sunshine with a friend. Covid 19 still has much to teach us, especially about cherishing the relationships in our lives.

Chase a Sunset

There's a special time at twilight, that no matter how crazy your day has been, you have a sense of peace. As you watch the day go to sleep and the sun go to bed, there's a sense of hope that we can be even better humans tomorrow.

I hope that you've had the opportunity to make some memories. One of our goals at PineappleRoc is to provide you with the perfect spaces and extra touches to do just that. Whether you're planning a holiday on the water or hiking, biking or picnicking in one of our beautiful local parks, we've got you covered. Connect with us today!

Enjoy your summer. Soak it in.