Spring Cleaning of a Different Kind

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Hello Again, it’s me, Joseph and I’m on the move.  I’m taking in a deep breath and inhaling all that is spring and new and just beginning.   It’s time to freshen up, not just our homes and wardrobes (#fashionpolice) but most importantly our minds.  (#ThisisTheRealSpringCleaning) We need to be open to possibilities and people instead of complaints and the status quo.   Heaven’s to Betsy, I know it’s not easy.  We have a tendency to get comfortable, myself included, to know what we know and do what we do.  And, then something happens that just knocks our socks off.

Yes, this happened.  That’s me and Ricky and our new friend Kellyanne Conway.  Yes, the Kellyanne that is currently serving as Counselor to the Imposter. It turned out that the beautiful wedding we attended was a wake-up call that I know just isn’t for me.  Dear reader,  do you ever have ideas and thoughts set in your head based on media, your friends or other influences when the truth is that you have never had any personal experiences on the subject?  Do you ever decide that you will never visit a country or won’t ever associate with a certain type of person because you just know that you wouldn’t have anything in common? I’ve been there and I’m making sure that whenever I find myself on a dead end street like that I’m turning on my signal and changing directions. #ThisisaKTurn.

We need to get out of our heads and into experiences so we can form our own opinions and make statements that we can justify.  So here’s the deal– you may test the waters and visit a country you are not quite sure about and then find out that you really don’t like it after all but at least you will know for yourself.  The fact that you will have to create your own happiness and adventures in the said country will lead to exponential personal growth. #ThisisFailing Forward.  However, the opposite can also be true, you could fall in love with a person you would have never seen yourself with because you were willing to let go of the opinions that were shaped by others and form your own.

Let’s make sure we’re not confused. I don’t agree with DT as our president but that doesn’t mean that I cannot have friends who voted for him or even work for him. #ThisisPeopleOverPolitics  I don’t like drinking beer but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun at a craft brewery with my friends and discover that just the right hard cider actually tastes like a lovely Chardonnay.

It’s time to get back to processing our own thoughts and opinions based on our own experiences and it’s time to up our game when it comes to having new experiences.    Let’s take real estate.  Why don’t you like the west side?  Why don’t you think you could live on the east side?  Are you an urban dweller that believes that living on the lake won’t float your boat?  Find an excellent real estate firm that will keep your mind open.

#ThisisMovingRochester.com   The truth is that if you’re willing to explore you’ll end up in places you never dreamed of with experiences you could have never imagined.Let’s open up our hearts and our minds and see where the road takes us.Happy travels!

This blog is dedicated to Glady Shaffner (Grandma) who left this earth 4.20.2011.  She will always be in my heart.

Joseph, Joey and Victoria