Spring is springing!

Hello, It's me, Joseph, and I'm on the move. Yes, dear reader, it's true. Spring is not cancelled, in fact, spring is springing right now! The magnolias have made their Oxford Street debut, the birds have come back and the trees are beginning to strut their stuff. It's time for new beginnings, from head to toe!

That's right, spring starts in your mind. Breathe in deep and think about creating a space that welcomes this new season: flowers in the flower boxes, pathways prepped, longer walks with your furry friends, and of course, kick off cocktails.

And, then once you take that cleansing breath, it's time for some deep-thought decision making. Pandemic or no pandemic, you get to choose your new beginning. Perhaps our choices are different now because of what we have experienced, though, isn't that always the case?

Here's what we've decided in no particular order for our top 5 to dos:

  • Sleep in (there really are enough hours in the day to do what is most important)

  • relax more (believe it or not this takes intentional effort and you're worth it)

  • find a new hobby (It's not puzzles, at least not for us)

  • creatively share our passions (stay tuned)

  • demonstrate kindness in unique ways (#pineapplehospitality)

And since we did say that we need to embrace our new beginnings from head to toe, be sure to get that pedicure and to don your spring accessories. #gobigstayhome

This spring is like nothing we expected but we still can expect the very best if we make the most of every opportunity to learn and grow and to plant some seeds for the future. If MovingRochester.com can be a part of that process for you, connect with us today. #makeyourmove If you feel like escaping, our PineappleRoc Airbnb collection is available. #treatyourself

Spring is springing and we can't wait to see the beautiful beginnings it will bring!


Joseph and Ricky