Summer and the Livin' Should Be Easy

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Hello again, it’s me, Joseph and the HEAT is on!  That’s a beautiful word in my world, as I love the hot summer weather.  I know some of you Negative Nellies may be complaining. Have you not forgotten the days of polar vortexes and sideways snow?  Jack Frost will be nipping at our noses all too soon.  Let’s soak up the sunshine when we can.  Let’s make a splash.

Speaking of splash, summer brings a whole new venue for us to enjoy:  the water!  Hopefully you’ll have a chance to go rollin’ on the river whether it’s the mighty Genesee or the St. Lawrence.

“If you come down to the river I bet you going to find some people who live And you don’t have to worry if you got no money People on the river are happy to give.”  #ProudMary #ILoveTinaTurner

Why stop at the river when there are also lakes and oceans to explore as well? The past

few weeks, I have spend a lot of time on the South Jersey Shore and boating on Lake Ontario. I cannot help but notice the difference in how people act and treat one another when they are on or by the water. Everyone smiles at one another.  Everyone waves and says “Hello.”  You pull up to a dock and random people help you tie in.  You leave your belongings on the beach and when you return everything is still there.  When people are done for the day, they offer you whatever they haven’t used or will not use again.  It makes you think, why can’t every day be like this when you’re not on the water?

At our very core, we are capable of loving our neighbor as ourselves. #Matthew22 It’s not as hard as we think it is.  In fact, sometimes we are able to surmount seemingly impossible obstacles to do so! Can you say “Thailand Cave Rescue”?  The world came together for literally the love of humanity.  We watched as a man, a Navy Seal, gave his life in sacrifice so others could live. Sound familiar? Nothing short of amazing, my friends.

If love can find its way out of a dark cave into the light of day, it can also find its way through many other barriers.  Despite the orange impostor in the White House who believes we should be building walls, we can and should build bridges over the troubled waters in our world.  China, Germany and their history remind us that the bridges are a better way to go.

As you are out and about this summer, I hope you have the chance to boat and float and splash kindness everywhere. And, if you just so happen to fall in love with the water, we can find you a magical lake front home to call your own.

Speaking of home, huge SHOUT OUT TO MOTHER MARY!  Welcome back to Rochester. Love you and so very glad you are back!

Enjoy your time in the sun! Joseph, Joey and Victoria

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