Summer is Not Over Until It's Over

Hello again, it's me Joseph. I'm on the move soaking in all the summer sun. I know. I see you. You've already purchased the notebooks and pencils and folders, oh my. I know that yellow school bus will be coming down the street before you know it. Many of you see Labor Day Weekend as the end of summer and some of you are already planning your polar coaster strategies..

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me be the first to tell to you to PUT DOWN YOUR PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE, because Labor Day is just the kick off for Summer 2.0. Let's take a look at some key evidence.

The Calendar

The calendar says that the first day of fall this year is Monday, September 23rd. (Seriously, who puts the first day of fall on a Monday? There's such a high chance of work getting in the way) That means we have almost another month to frolic and have fun.

The Weather

The last couple of Septembers in Rochester were filled with 80 degree days, even at the end of the month. KEEP YOUR BOAT IN THE WATER. I personally, am just getting ready to launch my personal flotation device

As you can see, there's plenty of room if you want to join me. The bottom line: It snows at the end of April here. It's Rochester. It stands to reason that summer will last as long as it wants to. Don't miss out on adventures to be had because you think you should be hitting your fall maintenance list.

You see, dear reader, sometimes the very calendar that keeps us organized is the same one that tricks us into believing that summer and other seasons really fit into its tiny squares. LIfe is so much bigger than that. Yes, timelines are important. Heavens to Betsy, any profession, including real estate would be complete chaos without them. However, allow yourself some extra calendar squares this year to float and boat a little longer, to relax on your patio more often. Let summer be over when you say it's over.

And, as we do sail into a new season eventually, you may find yourself in place where you didn't accomplish everything you wanted to this year. Don't think that you're behind. Time spent with family, friends and whomever else is in your tribe is one of the best investments you'll ever make. You can take a look at your calendar, pick a different square and adjust your timeline. If you're still thinking about making a move in 2019, we're still here and we have plenty of options in your quest to put a roof over your head. Let's talk.

In the meantime, enjoy every ray of sunshine in Summer 2.0.