Swinging, Singing and The Naked Boys

Hello again, It’s me, Joseph.  I’m on the move and just hanging around.  Literally, I’m hanging!  Apparently, it’s a thing!  Do you remember, dear reader, when we had that “Intentionally Amazing” talk last month?  Me, too.  So, as part of my amazing adventure for February, I have been working out with a personal trainer.  (You’ll be happy to know that I survived this training session and I may have even grown an inch or two. Maybe I just feel taller.)

Anyway, it’s been quite the adventure to do what I have never done before and have a trainer.  I am exercising muscles I didn’t know I had under the guidance of someone who knows exactly what they are doing; someone who can encourage me to push my limits without pushing my luck or putting me at risk.

I guess all of us at MovingRochester.com are, in some sense, personal trainers, of the real estate variety.  We meet people exactly where they are, establish goals together and come up with a plan to improve our clients’ overall real estate health. (When is the last time you had a real estate check up?  Contact us today!) While we may push the limits of what you thought you would consider, we never push our luck in negotiations or put you at risk in any way.   Whether you buy, sell, invest or rent,  your needs are met.  Much like a personal trainer who constantly researches the latest techniques and applies them, we’re studying the real estate market every day and developing a customized strategy so you can meet your goals.

Let’s be honest, dear reader, training of any kind, leaves you with quite an appetite.  Well, at least it does me!  How to answer this call of the wild?  Chicken parm with homemade sauce, fresh pasta, and wine. Don’t forget the red wine for a healthy dose of antioxidants. Work hard?  Yes.  Play hard too. What an amazing Sunday dinner.

In fact, speaking of amazing, I had a fabulous time with friends at the Naked Boys Singing Tour.  Yes, it’s a real thing and they’ll be in town until Feb. 26th.  The show was delightful and hilarious and I’m not the only one that thought so!    Of course, I got a quick pic with the boys.  Honestly, you never know where all this personal training might take me!  I could end up on tour singing or swinging with them, or something.  For right now, I’m just going to stick with hanging in the gym and we’ll take it from there.  You really can’t rush yourself when it comes to being intentionally amazing.

The calendar may say February, my friends, but the spring market it is already here with some fantastic new listings and some phenomenal weather!  Get out there and soak up every second!


Joseph, Victoria, and Joey