• jeffbloch

Thanksgiving From A to Z - Joseph Style

Hello again, it’s me, Joseph! I’m on the move and ready for a very merry Thanksgiving. The absolute truth is that I really try to have an attitude of gratitude every day, even with the mean people; so I’m all about a day of being grateful. Chances are you’ll be asked what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving so I’d thought I’d provide a list to get the table talk started: (#yourewelcome)

Adult beverages of all kinds, most kinds

Besties, you know who you are

Cher, my BFF, who seems to always know the song in my heart and of course, our clients

Dogs, especially my two, Carmen and Frankie

Ellen DeGeneres; secretly I would like to be a guest

Food, glorious food from all nations, faith, family and flamingos

Great times on the water with my swan named Gracie

Hillary, my beloved Hillary Clinton

Intentional Awesomeness

Joy that comes from unexpected moments

Kindness because it really matters

LBGTQ and all the tremendous human beings that form this tribe

Margaritas that melt on your nose and eyelashes #JulieAndrews,


Naked Boys and nail polish

Outrageous outfits because everyone needs their own sense of style

Penelope Cruise, my fantabulous tricycle

Queen Bees, Drag Queens, Queens for a Day

Roofs over everyone’s head

Sunday Funday, Sunday Dinner, Sunday Sauce

Traditions that transcend generations

United States of America: Let Freedom Ring Already!

Votes for good people that want to do great things

Wonderful, wacky, unplanned adventures.

Xtra time with family and friends

Yuma, Arizona, NOLA, Toronto and other great cities that end in a vowel

Zest for life, for people who live life to the absolute fullest

As you gather with those that matter most and count your blessings from A to Z, please know how much you matter to us. At MovingRochester.com, we are grateful for the opportunity to help you find a place to call home. Contact us today!

With much love and many thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

Joseph, Joey, and Victoria