The Greatest Fall Adventure of All

Hello again, it’s me, Joseph and I’m on the move in more ways than one.  The change in

season is a great reminder that we can change too.  Can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  Yes, you can.  You just haven’t met the right dog.  However, I digress.  Let’s talk about you.

It’s time to be happy, it’s time to just do it, it’s time to focus on you.  It’s not selfish, it’s self-care.  Unfortunately, listening to and watching the news is making us all a little cray-cray and it’s tempting to believe that we have no control.  But we do.  Even in the chaos, we need to live and let the bad make us stronger and better people.

Remember when you were little and you jumped into a pile of leaves?  It’s time to jump again:

It’s time to jump to that next level in your career; don’t let anything hold you back anymore.  Your time is valuable.  Spend it wisely.

It’s time to take that dream trip. Life is short. Don’t be afraid to see the world. It’s here for us and to inspire us.  Can’t afford it? You can’t afford NOT to.  Take the jump anyway.  Make your coffee at home.  The right experience is worth every penny. Find a way to make it happen because there’s so much in the world waiting to be found.

Speaking of what’s waiting, it’s time to ask that person out that you have been watching for years.  It’s either going to go well or it isn’t.  Either way, you’re going to move forward and celebrate your courage.

Don’t like where you live?  You’re not a tree.  You can move. It’s time to buy your dream home.  It’s time to live in a space that makes you happy, provides solace, gives you the opportunity to throw a wild party just because. #RagerforNoReason.  We love what we do and we would love to help find that space.

I was watching Ellen the other day– which is one thing I’m not going to change and Oprah was a guest with a gorgeous piece of wisdom: Turn off the news and turn Ellen on.  It will make you laugh and feel better.   While it’s true that some circumstances are beyond our control, we still have the power to be intentionally awesome and make a change.  Let’s take the jump together.


Joseph, Joey and Victoria