The Roaring 2020s Brought to You By Covid 19

Hello again, it's me, Joseph and I'm on the move. . .NOT. It's a pandemic people so we are adhering to the guidelines #stayathome so we can #flattenthecurve. We hope you're doing the same. As I have shared before, dear readers, every experience teaches you something and this Covid 19 one is no different. Here's what we have learned so far:

1.  We are thankful and forever grateful for how much love Ricky & I have for one another.  We would not be getting through this as well as we have if we did not have each other.

2.  Starbucks is on every corner. With limited stores open, coffee shops with only a few locations have 30-40 cars waiting at a time for coffee.  CRAZY.  Starbucks truly knows the importance of multi-stores within a limited radius.

3.  You can learn new skills. Ricky taught me how to purge clams aka make them spit before cooking them.  You place them in water with pepper and BAM, they start self-cleaning. #whoknew

4.  Practicing a healthy lifestyle is more critical than ever.  Please, people, it is so important to be clean and healthy not only for yourself but for the neighbors around you. In addition, you need to make sure that every surface you come in contact with is cleaned as well. Don't forget your cell phone and steering wheel.

5.  NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE.  Please America!  Let us do the right thing this November! As we speak, it's time to participate in the 2020 Census. Stand up and be counted as census numbers play a big role in elections.

6.  Evaluate your choice of living before you get caught up with social media life. The temptation will be to jump online with idea that you're going to see how everyone else is doing. Be careful. While there are some very inspirational posts, there's also a lot of drama. There is a quote that I did see during my limited time on social media that bears repeating: "While we are waiting for things to return to normal, we may very well decide that some things are not worth returning to."

7.  Always be grateful and mindful of history.  Listen and learn from the life lessons taught to us by our parents, grandparents, great grandparents.  They already have knowledge from experience. In fact, this pandemic in an odd sort of way, gives us a reason to connect with family members and to be encouraged by the storms they have weathered.

8.  PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE!  It is required at a time like this.  Patience is a virtue.. So is grace under pressure. We're all trying to navigate a stormy sea and it will be much better if we can row in the same direction.

9.  Netflix is a nice release and can be educational.  Ricky learned where the line "Nobody puts babe in the corner" came from.  Yes, for the first time ever, believe it or not, he watched Dirty Dancing. What new movies have you watched that you have never watched before?

10.  Juicers can bring you joy! With the help of our Novis juicer (everyone must have), we were able to experiment with different fresh cocktail recipes! Look for our favorites in a future blog.

One of our few adventures outside of our home during this pandemic was a pineapple tour and while we making deliveries we saw a tweet that basically shared: "As you go out on your daily socially distance walk and you see everything as you have never seen it before, don't think of it as the end of the world, don't think of the vacancy.  Think of it as the biggest sign of social/world solidarity that we have ever seen worldwide.  People are all connected and people do care for each other by not being out and by staying in, so the world can recover together and become stronger.  #alonetogether

Our next adventure came by way of voicemail. A catering client who has been trying to set up a group cooking classes, understands it's not possible this month but suggested a virtual cooking party! Everyone is in their own kitchen led by Ricky from his own kitchen.  This is when it hit us! Covid-19 is teaching us brilliance, new ideas, survival, creativity, human intuition, and that human intelligence, when tested, is stronger than ever. creativity.  If it were not for this time we would still be doing the same thing as we have in the past but this situation has truly elevated us. How is it elevating you? We can't wait to find out. (BTW, WOW, I believe will have its first online real estate sale this week because of our creativity with 360 virtual tours and our talented friend that creates them.

We went into 2020 with a fresh new vision and then BAM: Covid-19.  Why?  Perhaps, we needed an event like this to usher in the Roaring 2020's, not just one year of new vision but a decade of new vision and ideas! Let's embrace it together!