This is Brave

Hello again, it's me Joseph and of course I'm on the move. As I shared in our last chit chat, I'm very selective about the outlets I choose to stay informed. I have been pleasantly surprised lately by real news that's actually brave and inspiring. The truth is we need to support each other in being brave. The more we find our voice, the more powerful it will become, the better chance it has of being heard. Here are just a few of my finds.

His and Her Prom Outfit

Wyatt, if you were old enough, I'd buy you two of your favorite cocktails, one for each side of your ensemble. #raincheck You're 16 and you get it! BRAVO. In a nutshell, rather than worrying about finding a prom date, Wyatt became his own date and created a unique outfit. Shout out to his mama who helped him shop and sew! "I decided to go myself, 'cause frankly it's easier than finding out who's going with who, or who's not going," Cheatle said. "So I figured I'd be my own date, since I know myself better than any other person. I figured I'd have a good time.” Let me just add that the whole idea for prom stemmed from a conversation at dinner. Yes, America, just a friendly reminder of how important dinner is, especially #sundaydinner.

Rats and Aardvarks

Let's give another shout out to the popular PBS children's show, "Arthur." Titled “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” the first episode in Season 22 revealed that one of its characters, Mr. Ratburn, is gay. The elementary school teacher, a rat, married a male aardvark named Patrick in the episode. Now, apparently, all heck has broken lose with some stations refusing to air it. Says the creator, " I’m really proud of that episode,” he explained. “And I will defend it to anybody who wants to talk about it. . . I don’t want children or people who are different to feel excluded. That’s not the kind of world we want to live in. And we want children to be educated so they can see there’s not just one type of family.” It's time for TV to reflect real life. Sesame Street has added both autistic and foster care characters to their cast. Let's see if Oscar is so grouchy because he just needs to finally come out of that garbage can!


Shout out to all the people who made the ultimate sacrifice to secure the freedoms we have today. Our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is only possible because people were and continue to be brave. As you gather with those that matter most this Memorial Day Weekend, celebrate what really matters. Yes, we have a long way to go, it's true. Let's just take a second to remember what it took to get this far.

All of us in our own way, will need to be brave to move ourselves, our families (however we define them) our communities and ultimately our nation to a better, healthier place. We can accomplish more together. Let's call it like we see it; use the hashtag #thisisbrave--( it really is a thing) and spread some good news for a change and honestly, to help bring about change.