Top Five TravelTips 2019

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Hello again, it's me Joseph and I'm on the move. Literally. I heard JLo calling my name. I checked my schedule, and indeed, I did have enough time to jet to Miami to wish her a Happy 50th and see her in concert. How is this quick trip possible? Planning, dear reader, planning. With the second half of summer upon us and many adventures yet to be discovered, I thought I'd share my top five travelling tips 2019.

Fly in a private jet.

So, I don't have one or anything but it's a goal. If we're talking top travel tips, ideally I would like to fly in a private airplane. I'm just waiting for an invitation from Oprah, Cher, JLO and my other BFF's, after they self discover how much fun I am to be around. In the meantime, I"ll fly commercial with the rest of my dear readers. I must say having meandered through my share of airports, patient #innerOprahkindess, is a necessity.

Always have a bag packed.

Seriously, I'm always ready to leave at a moment's notice if it works with my schedule. Life is just to short not to answer the call to adventure when you can. Having a bag packed already means less stress from the get go.

Travel Light

Travelling light is a must for vacation and for life. (Can you say "Marie Kondo"? Get rid of the clutter people-that's another topic in itself-- here are some guidelines to get you started.) Anywho, because I love you dear reader, and I want you to live your very best life, I'm sharing my top ten travel tips 2019 checklist aka the contents of my always packed bag:

tooth brush

vitamin E - you have to keep your skin healthy


Cocktail napkins

swim suit

flip flops



one casual day, one casual evening attire

a credit card

anything elsece can be purchased or acquired where you stay.

I know. You're wondering-- what are travel cocktails? These little lovies are my go-to, TSA approved, go green, reusable containers to fill with adult beverages. Three are usually filled with Belvedere vodka and the fourth, a spray bottle, is filled with Malibu rum which can also double as a fun breath mint.

Own Your Wardrobe

Make no mistake--- we're not talking about renting or stealing a wardrobe. We're talking about wearing something that reflects the adventure you are on. No pajama pants or pajamas or anything you wear to sleep in no matter how early your flight is. Please get dressed and face the day. As I headed to Miami, I channelled my inner Blanche #GoldenGirls, (see exhibit A)

Make Your Own Waves

Any Google search of top vacation destinations will lead you to what's trending. Consider some other bucket list beauties that not everyone flocks to like the South Shore of New Jersey (Stone Harbor #incognitoOprahspotting and Margate, home of a lovely elephant named Lucy. ) Also consider, a staycation with Pineapple Grove Properties. (the Airbnb division of