Winter Views

Hello again, it's me Joseph and I'm on the move. Apparently that passive aggressive groundhog saw his shadow a few weeks back which means we'll have a longer winter. Let me just remind you that at least in Rochester, winter has a hard time saying goodbye. On average, we have four inches of snow in Rochester every April and last year was no different.

The truth is that during a pandemic the world can feel like winter all the time regardless of the temperature. It's easy to get weary and lose a little hope. And, let's just be honest; some people are just cold and bitter to begin with.

You're not alone if you've announced that while you're genuinely sorry for all the lives that have been lost due to Covid, and while you believe that science is real, you're just plain sick and tired of all of it. We're coming up on the year anniversary of when the whole world shut down. Who could have imagined how long this Corona Virus winter would drag on?

If we've learned anything from pandemics, politcial unrest, and heartbreaking social injustices this year, it's to acknowledge what we feel (grief, anger, loss, devastation) and to then find the thread of good to hang on to for dear life.

Finding that hope starts with little steps. I want to encourage to take a look outside your window and view the world a little differently. Beaches can be beautiful in winter. Walks can still be wonderful. Our Danish friends encourage us to hunker down with

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-geh”) "the concept of taking pleasure in everyday things, simplifying life, and creating coziness in the home. It encourages you to savor the good moments and foster meaningful relationships while relaxing and indulging, and our Norwegian friends also encourage us to get out and about and embrace Friluftsliv: a Norwegian custom that means living "life in fresh air," or more simply, spending time outdoors and being active.

Either way, you and those that matter most in your Covid bubble, need to take a break. The threads of hope are best discovered while we're hiking or hibernating, because we're actually taking time to process what's happening in the world and what it means. Whether you're a Hygge girl or a Friluftsliv fella, we've got you covered. Our PineappleRoc Airbnb rentals are the perfect place and space to embrace what's beautiful and to see the world a little differently. Cozy up or walk on the wild side. Contact us today.

In the meantime, hang on tight to hope.