Won't You Be My Neighbor

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Hello again, it's me Joseph, and I'm on the move; well maybe I should say I would like to start a movement, a Mister Roger's type rally to make America kind again. I'll hope you'll join me.

If you're like me, every now and again, you just want to stop the world from spinning and make everyone take a deep breath and calmly tell them to get a grip. It has nothing to do with judging your neighbor; it has to do with truly becoming neighbors.

Do you ever wonder why Mister Rogers always asked or sang, "Won't you be my neighbor?" It's because living next door to someone doesn't make you a neighbor. Finding out who lives next to you and what they're all about, does. It's not that hard. I'll go first. Let me tell you a little bit about who I am: I'm a Monopoly playing, Mister Rogers fan who enjoys Sunday dinner #SundayDinnersChangetheWorld .

Let's start with Mister Rogers; as a child, I loved Mister Rogers. In fact, if I could not watch him on TV for whatever reason, I would cry. I loved that he would get home and change from his street clothes to his house clothes just like I still do today #sneakertoss. He really was everyone's neighbor - and I mean EVERYONE'S neighbor, long before it was acceptable. In a ground-breaking episode, he invited his African American neighbor who was a mailman to share his kiddie pool on a hot day. How fabulous that he knew his mailman's name! How scary that some of the mentality that made this episode groundbreaking still exists today on airplanes and in the housing market with clients who actually request who they want their neighbors to be. Obviously, they are not MovingRochester.com clients!

It makes you wish that Mister Rogers' Land of Make believe was real. It's not that they never had any issues in the Land of Make Believe, it's that they never gave up on each other. They learned to assume good intent, show kindness and to forgive. Dear Reader, you know me well enough to know that I will never stop believing that the Land of Make Believe can be real.

In fact, that's why I chose a career in real estate. Truth be told, I did love playing Monopoly and acquiring properties and, as an adult, I have. In my Mister Rogers way, I believe I am helping to build communities and bring people together. I am so grateful for my mother, Mary, whose guidance had led me to where I am today. I want to help build a real estate world where everyone accepts, appreciates and has compassion for their neighbor. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I don't care if my neighbor is making Sunday sauce, hosting a Shabbat dinner or has a pot of rice on their stove, as long as their home is filled with love, I am honored to have them as a neighbor.

You don't have to share my faith to share a Sunday dinner with me and you certainly don't have to be related to me. When we break bread, you become my neighbor no matter where you live - and in my world, you become my family. Let's just promise to keep inviting each other to the table.

"Won't you please, please be my neighbor?"

Joseph and the Moving Rochester team